Kibbles and Dried Dog Food - Doc Stevens' Dogs AIN'T vegetarian dogs.

Friday, July 11, 2008 10:43 AM Posted by Tondeleo Lee Thomas

Doc: Dog food. It ain’t food for dogs anymore, not at the store. I love my dogs and I don’t make them eat the dried up crap they sell at the store.

Read the ‘gredients. First one: CORN. First off, a DOG don’t eat CORN. You ever seen or heard of a pack of wild dogs attacking someone’s cornfield? No! A DOG don’t eat corn. Then barley, rice, wheat is next. That ain’t dog food! That’s rat food or chicken food, but my
dogs are dogs, they ain’t rats or chickens.

Why does a dog eat that dried dog food? Cause the hypmotized owner gives it to them. And cause the company what made it sprayed it down with some kind of animal juices to trick the dog into thinking it might be good for him. Let a bowl of it sit out in the rain so the juices get washed off. A dog won’t touch it, if you get the juices off it. A rat will, or a bird will. A squirrel might, but a dog won’t.

A dog cain’t digest corn and rice and barley an’ all the grains they put in there. Prove it to yourself. Give your dog a cup full of dried up chicken food what they sell at the store as dog food, an’ then wait for him to poop. He’ll poop out a cup full of it, if what you fed him was a cup full. He cain’t DIGEST it, Tondy.

Tondeleo: So how does the dog survive on kibbles and dried food, Doc?

Doc: Kibbles? What’s a kibble? You ever seen a kibble? I saw a bag of dog food with kibbles and bits wrote on it. I checked the ‘gredients. Weren’t no kibbles in it and weren’t no bits. Just chicken feed.

A dog survives on that crap because they spray vitamins on it and things a dog needs, and the corn and chicken food fills him up. But he ain’t digesting the grains. Lookit my dogs. That Rottweiler is more than 12 years old! They only is supposed to live to be about 10. But he is twelve and is still a good watch dog. I feed him deer meat, and pork, beef, chicken and fish. And, NO, I don’t feed him no veggies, less they’s off mine or Marilyn’s plate. My dogs get a little bit of dry dog food when I run low on meat but they don’t like it and they fill my yard with grain poop, undigested, and ready for birds to eat.

I got three dogs right now. Two American Bulldogs and that Rottweiler. I call him John Wayne. The American Bulldogs is both ‘bout five years old, from different bloodlines. Stubby is 65 pounds and Dale Junior is 125 pounds. I think Stubby’s got some pit bull in him. Look at his build, and I can tell you from when he gets fightin’ he’s got a bit of pit in him.

I feed them a lot of deer meat, cause we got plenty of deer out here. Deer meat is called venice. I feed them beef, chicken, pork and fish. Some of it raw and some of it cooked. I give them raw bones, because a cooked bone will splinter in their mouth and might jam up into their gums and then you got to take ‘em to a dog dentist. I ain’t never had to take mine, because they only get raw bones. And they chew ‘em right up to nothin’!

They never needs their teeth cleaned because the bones keep ‘em white and strong. My other dog what died three years ago was 17 years old! His name was Hank Williams. Senior, not Junior. He was a outside dog, mix of collie and chow. Lived outside his whole life and wandered wherever he wanted to go. One time he went all the way to La Plata, 18 miles from here, because some girl got up his nose! We found him because he was in the paper, with his picture and they was trying to find his owner! We went down there and signed for him. He was twelve then, an’ the S.P.A. people could not believe it. I told ‘em how he eats and gets all the exercise he wants an’ he had been checked out by them. They put him at 8, but I had papers from when he went to the vet when he was a puppy once for a check up.

My dogs is all in good shape but we let John Wayne get fat the last couple of years because he is 12 years old an’ is still a watchdog but he likes to eat a lot of meat and he lays around a lot. He’s getting’ to look more like Elvis now, and headed toward lookin’ like Rosie O’Donald.

Stubby and Dale Junior is both ripped and strong as oxes. Both of ‘em is in perfect health with white teeth and more energy than Michael Jackson thinkin’ bout Boys Village. Lookit the muscles on Dale Junior! Lookit his big head an’ neck. He got a 23 inch neck.

If you want your yard piled up with dog turds, just feed ‘em corn based dog food. Feed ‘em meat an’ they digest ‘most all of it an’ your yard stays cleaner, ain’t filled with dead soldiers.

Tondeleo: So you say feed your dog’s people food?

Doc: They is no such thing as people food. All through history an’ still in countries where people ain’t lost their mind, a dog eats what the family eats. He don’t eat what the chickens eat. They didn’t even HAVE anything called dog food until about 1935! What did dogs eat until then?

Feedin’a dog corn and old grain was the idea of the granaries figuring out what to do with their extra grain what they couldn’t sell. So they opened up dog food factories. Remember Purina Dog Chow? It’s leftover GRAIN!

The problem is if the PEOPLE ain’t eatin’ the right thing an’ then give it to their dog. A dog ain’t s’posed to be eatin’ French fries an’ noodles any more than a person is. Eat right an’ feed your dog right. I’m 55 years old an’ can out work most twenty year olds, my skin ain’t dried out an’ I have no aches or pains. I ain’t good lookin, but I am healthy.

"You ever seen a kibble? I saw a bag of dog food with kibbles and bits wrote on it. I checked the ‘gredients. Weren’t no kibbles in it and weren’t no bits. Just chicken feed."

Here’s somethin’ else what knocks me over: Bags of dog food with pictures of peas, carrots an’ what’s them little trees… brockley or sparagus! Like a dog would want that! Those pictures are for the tree huggin’ ‘partment dwellers who like veggies and don’t eat meat. But a dog ain’t a vegetarian. He is a meat eater. Look at his teeth.

I mean a dog will eat cat turds an’ road kill – an’ they try to fill’em with corn, and then buy rubber bones for ‘em to chew on. That’s animal cruelity. I’m sick of talkin’ about it."

Self Defense with a Cane or Pig Stick. Other Self Defense weapons you can have in your pick up or car.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008 6:01 PM Posted by Tondeleo Lee Thomas

“Here’s another one. I carry a cane. Actually, Tondy, I use a pig stick. Get ‘em at a farm supply store. They got a Tractor Supply store up in Waldorf now, an’ there’s La Plata Farm Supply in La Plata. A pig stick’ll run you 8 maybe nine bucks. Looks like a cane, but it’s stronger, for movin’ pigs around what don’t want to be moved.

“Here’s where a pig stick is different from a cane. A pig stick is made of hardwood, maybe oak. The end of it what touches the ground is smaller, so if you jab with it, it makes a stronger impact. The curved part is more open than a cane, so you can wrap it around a man’s neck or leg and pull him down where you want him. But, at first, it looks like a cane. Get a pig stick and keep it with you. Maybe you have a bad leg or something.

“I carry a fold up army surplus little shovel in my truck. That’s a handy thing to have. It’s a good shield, it’s a good weapon and I won’t get locked up for it. Some of them got teeth on one side like a saw. A camping shovel is a good self defense weapon. Cheap, small, and you won’t go to jail for it. But you can use it like a billy club, you can open it part way and use it like a pickaxe, or for defense. Get one of them for your car, too, Tondy.

“You can use a flare like cops use at accidents; light it and jab the bad guy with it, if you’re broke down on the side of the road and he attacks you. Have some flares with you.

"...if you aim that flare at him, he will have a tattoo from it. But it is legal because it is safety equipment. It can save your life."
Another good one is a boater’s emergency flare gun. Any fisherman ought to have one. At Wal Mart they’re less than thirty bucks. You get a pistol that fires a 3000 degree flare that will burn through most anything. It’ll blind your attacker for a few seconds, and if you aim that flare at him, he will have a tattoo from it. But it is legal because it is safety equipment. It can save your life. But don’t be an idiot and carry it on you into a bar or restaurant. Keep it in your truck in case someone tries to rob you or hijack you. Then light him up, for easy identification by the police. Let them know you feared for your life. I’d rather face a judge than an armed hijacker who is a crackhead. That’s all you need for now.”